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sailors cruisers forum Perhaps the most valuable of these is $100,000 of insurance that is designated specifically for covering the expenses of getting home and to a hospital or medical facility from a foreign country. com is a great source for sailing/boating and living aboard information. View persists until toggle back. The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki (an online world cruising guide) has been established so that all cruisers around the world can have free access to as much information on cruising around the world as possible with information on Countries, Immigration and Customs procedures, world ports, navigation and approaches, marinas, anchorages, ocean passages, maritime warnings, boating tips, etc. World Cruising Club is the world's leading sailing rally specialist, with nine distinct rallies taking place every year - ARC, World ARC, Caribbean 1500, ARC Europe, ARC Portugal, ARC USA, ARC Baltic, ARC DelMarVa and the Malts Cruise. Photos, downloads, owner modifications, accessories, boats for sale, and more. Martin’s Fri. Cruisers - Navy Fact File page; Cruiser History - A Brief History on the U. the highly recommended and wildly popular gCaptain Forum ) The latest Tweets from Cruisers Forum (@cruiserlog). 1024. This event is a « gentlemen offshore race » which gathers more than 200 boats to cross the Atlantic Ocean. For a $35 annual membership, you get access to a range of useful services for sailors cruising about the world. The cover was the “dixie cup” or “white hat” as it is officially known. S. For adding explicit book-marks to directly access preferred weather maps, visit our FAQ page. worldcruising. G'day Rob, I hear you loud and clear mate. Hi everybody! I am very sorry for the extended downtime. Limitation on the use of funds for removal of ballistic missile defense capabilities from Ticonderoga class cruisers. An atlas of 129 up-to-date pilot charts aimed at sailors planning offshore voyages, produced by Jimmy Cornell, founder of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers , noonsite. Want to submit a classified ad? See our classified guidelines for information on how to format and submit your classified ad. View Parent Forum Solo Cruisers Cruising is one of the best vacation experiences for those cruising alone -- learn more here, or just share your experiences cruising by your lonesome! Cruisers are asked to notify the project foreman at 703-855-8519 or 910-859-9403 30 minutes before entering the work zone. Information about US Navy Ships, Past and Present. Sailors and Cruisers Wanted Hi sailors and cruisers CruisersForum. . With cruisers returning to the southern Red Sea, the multinational naval force Combined Task Force 151 is now looking to liaise with sailors about their experiences Attacks tend to happen in the Gulf of Aden where there is a large volume of shipping Hi Florida Sailors. Cruisers mostly agree that they enjoy both the sailing and the traveling; but the question is: which way do you lean? Are you a seafarer who travels, or a traveler who sails to get there? This was a Raft-UP topic in July 2012. Located halfway between the Millennium Dome and the Thames Barrier GYC is now over 100 years old, founded by a handful of Thames sailors in 1908, and boasts around 400 members. For the past 20 plus years we have been teaching and sharing knowledge with sailors who have a passion for learning and adventure. Accommodating only 48 lucky explorers, this intimate ship features comfortable all-oceanview staterooms, a dining room as well as al fresco dining, lounge and bar, a library, and Sun Deck complete with shade canopy, comfy lounge chairs, a Jacuzzi, and even two exercise bikes. The Forum is a free service, and much like the "free" content on Public Radio, we hope you will support WoodenBoat by subscribing to this fabulous magazine. (Note: For Professional Mariners, (very) large motor boat owners and ship sailors there is only one choice…. Three American heavy cruisers and four destroyers were in port. 3018. 7th Fleet ships stop in the Philippines, 'a favorite port visit for sailors’ 06-27-2018 06:38 AM The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier and two Navy cruisers arrived in Manila on Tuesday after sailing through the South China Sea. Roy is the voice of the Little Current Cruiser's Net - a daily broadcast he runs every morning through the summer. More than 50 classes are available for sailors and power boaters alike who have an interest in learning the fundamentals of blue water cruising. Horror and outrage at the loss of 1,397 sailors and 62 officers gripped the nation. com) has taken over noonsite (www. Featured Sailors free downloads and reviews. The Com-Pac line of sailboats covers a wide range of sizes from a 14-foot day sailer to a 35-foot bluewater sailing cruiser. I am working on cleaning up a few problem areas on the website. Toggle National and Regional Views Click the blue-button above to toggle between National and Regional views. com and author of the sailor's bible World Cruising Routes and his son Ivan Cornell. Y. I would not put any small boat on this lake unless it had a powerful motor. noonsite. There are far too many large wake speed boats and ocean cruisers on this lake to be safe in a smaller, slow, clumsy boat. Each sailboat, regardless of size, is built with the same exacting attention to detail and that same commitment to value. 6,638 likes · 7 talking about this. Favorites. com is a fast, free, non-commercial and well-arranged discussion board for the world cruising sailor. Here is a link to her blog where she has an entire tab devoted to her sewing projects. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome Noonsite is the oldest, most complete and up-to-date resource for cruisers on the web covering 197 countries and 2259 ports and growing daily. Don't recall which carrier, but the port was Subic Bay (IIRC). , for Liberia carrying 200 Africans liberated from the slave brig Echo off the coast of Cuba by USS Dolphin. Women cruisers get cruising inspiration, ideas, advice, tips, recommendations, links, articles and books from Women and Cruising. com. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. SaltySailors. Joining them were a pair of older British light cruisers and a French colonial sloop. Looking for boating gear and supplies for your cruise down the West Coast of Mexico or beyond? 1858 - The sloop, USS Niagara, departs Charleston, S. SailBlogs is the leading provider of blogging and map tracking solutions for the sailing community. It's important to know what you’re getting into so here is FoxNews. Worldwide The Cruising Sailors' Forum has moved This forum has been integrated with the main forums at Sailboatowners. Iconic cruisers Lin and Larry Pardey are well-known among cruising enthusiasts for the above statement. Resources for owners of Hunter. They are marketing a particularly competitively priced I find in cruisers, if an advantage in damage isnt dealt with fast enough on a particular flank, friendly bbs either will flee or dig in and reverse. Something had to be done I suppose, the PY number for cruisers was a nonsense. Atlantic Beach Bridge is a fixed span with 65ft vertical clearance. At least that’s how Noonsite, which has guided countless sailors around the globe, has a new set of hands on the helm. We arose HOME St. 3/22/02- Williamsville, N. Cruisers with physical limitations share their advice & experiences. Chandor’s excellent film about an aging sailor fighting for survival at sea, is that the hero suffers even thoughhe does everything right. We arose . A total of 1,080 sailors randomized after unprotected exposure into a double-blind, placebo controlled trial of minocycline for prophylaxis against gonorrhea. There will probably be a few periodic interruptions as I break and try to fix things again. Sailors for the Sea is a 501(c)3 Welcome to Greenwich Yacht Club. The Cruisers. – « Can we do blue water cruising with your cats? » The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers called ARC left the Canaria islands toward Caribbean sea last Sunday. I loved the day sailors more than the 30' boats for the smaller ones were out of water and of little trouble. For experienced sailors and cruisers. Cruisers Forum. In his retirement, Roy Eaton has found great meaning in a second career on the radio - VHF, that is. This list of cruisers of the United States Navy includes all ships that were ever called "cruiser". Is piracy still a threat to ocean cruisers? Where the word ‘pirates’ once conjured images of Long John Silver, we now think of high-speed skiffs and armed gangs. We are escorted by two cuirassiers, 6 destroyers, 5 cruisers, 4 submarines and numerous support boats. World's leading forum for owners of popular production sailboats. For the uninitiated, noonsite is a free Internet Forum Topics Posts Last post ; Renegade Cruisers : Sailing & Cruising. Read news, watch motorcycle videos and test rides, and follow motorcycle tours all in one place. There were out and out bandit classes who only had to raise their sails to collect the silverware and classes who were wasting their time trying to compete. Those qualities are why Cruisers Forum (CF) is the absolute best sailing forum. Welcome to the Bahamas Cruisers Guide An Internet Based Directory of Services, Facilities, and Attractions for Cruisers Throughout the Bahamas Consulted by > 2400 Cruisers each month . HOME St. The Trailer/Sailors Association was founded over 25 years ago to connect people who cruise and sail in trailerable sailboats Index of the ships of the U. We are looking for Christian Cruisers and sailing enthusiasts to connect with this community and hope you will share your cruising experiences as well as your knowledge by connecting with us as well as with your network of sailing friends. Just ask him to scale them in 1/50 or 1/48 or whichever scale you like. Most of us Cruising World is your go-to site and magazine for the best sailboat reviews, liveaboard sailing tips, chartering tips, sailing gear reviews and more. As of June 2, the World Cruising Club (www. Talk to "HOLDEN8702" on Shapeways. The list, though incomplete, is aimed at helping readers of this site who asked for recommendations on buying a boat for offshore voyaging. 34193 Cruising Resources has been redesigned to provide the information you need to research and enjoy every aspect of your sailing adventure. The CD is full of colour photographs and includes sections on building both plywood and strip plank yachts - there are a over 60 designs to choose from. Helena, with her very short effective range has to commit befor the bbs can commit to influence the flank. Listed below are 72 proven blue water voyaging monohull fiberglass sailboats up to 32 feet in length. Latest updates on everything Sailors Software related. He has several different crew sets available in his expanding product line. Cruisers Forum is an online forum community of cruisers from around the world! Crew Positions: Wanted & Available - A great crew can make cruising so much more enjoyable. Lots of stories from sailing cruisers, how to's, galley info, & cruising ground info. Winner of the 2016 Geoff Pack Memorial Award by Ocean Cruising Club for enhancing the safety, enjoyment and security of the global cruising community. C. Sailors Software Informer. The sea battles of World War 2; warships described in detail, stories retold by those who served on Cruisers and Battleships, with 2,000 images and video. Scott Berg has been sailing, racing and cruising for the past 50 years and has experience on a range of power and sailing vessels. Navy Cruisers. com) from its founder, cruising icon Jimmy Cornell. Choosing a small voyaging sailboat. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Kraken is a new brand designed in New Zealand and built in China, founded by two experienced British businessmen and sailors in Hong Kong. An online community for sailors around the world to exchange knowledge about their journeys!. Downwind Marine is the first place to go to for marine supplies if you're trying to turn your cruising dreams into a reality. The Cruisers University curriculum addresses a complete range of cruising topics for all levels and experience to help you prepare to live aboard a boat and begin your boating adventures with confidence. Cruise Critic Disabled Cruise Resources SailNet OnLine Community. Joining us for an instructional passage aboard Mahina Tiare will give you the skills and ability to sail anywhere on your own. fleet (Navy and Coast Guard) in commission during World War II. Yachting and Boating World's Forums includes Reader to Reader practical hands-on information, cruising and motor boat chat, america's cup views, for sale and wanted ads, and a fuel price guide The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by WoodenBoat Publications, publisher of WoodenBoat magazine. Piracy is as real today as it has ever been, spurred on by war, failed states, and countries unable to police their seas. Ships are listed by type (battleships, aircraft carriers, etc. Captains and Admirals were reprimanded. I enjoy woodwork, I also enjoy fishing and being on the water. Sailing and cruising stories, projects, and pictures. The Heading to this topic "6 Stupid Sailors etccc " May not be accurate! All the facts were not presented, The person responsible is the skipper ! Building or restoring cabin cruisers Tips and suggestions for fitting out and equiping your wood boat. Even though I grew up in Florida (Englewood), I didn't start sailing until I moved North (most of my sailing has been on the Chesapeake with a few trips elsewhere). In the days before coveralls Sailors commonly wore “undress” whites and blues as a seasonal uniform. According to Weddigen’s memoir of the event, British news reports stated that the cruisers had been sunk by a flotilla of six German U-boats flying Dutch colors. Snipes however were some of the first to transition to the dungarees working uniform due to the dirty nature of their work environment. Camp cruising, also known as beach cruising or gunkhole cruising, is a form of cruising in which sailors sail from point to point in an open or semi-enclosed boat, generally remaining within sight of land. Having been around boats, large vessels and smaller sail boats and power cruisers, I “believe” I would like to learn how to sail for myself. Boat related projects include cushions, line bags, kayak covers, binnacle covers, and custom v-berth sheets. Join our community and post your pics, videos, join the forum discussions and make new sailing friends. The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by WoodenBoat Publications, publisher of WoodenBoat magazine. Scott is the owner of Chardonnay Boatworks, a full service marine repair and consulting company focusing on the repair and re-engineering of sail and motor yachts. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products . Look for your perfect fit here. Cruising Sailors. Sec. Motorcycle Cruiser features the best cruisers, custom motorcycles and choppers. One message of All Is Lost, J. The three navies were on reasonably friendly terms and they had spent the time to organize a night of boxing matches and tug of wars for the men to blow off some steam. We are heading towards the waters of the Persian Gulf to reinforce our offensive military maneuvers in Iraq. Check out the Women and Cruising seminars. Since the nomenclature predates the hull numbering system, and there were several confusing renumberings and renamings, there are multiple entries referring to the same physical ship. From weekend sailors to ocean racers and cruisers, SailBlogs provides members with web-based journals (blogs), photo and video galleries and map tracking for their adventures. Debuting in March 2017, Celebrity Xperience will offer cruises to the incredible Galapagos. com's hurricane season survival guide for cruisers Boats For Sale. Can it really be that easy? Grab yourself a small boat, outfit it properly but simply for offshore work, and get going while your dream and your body is still alive! Scott Berg. Cruisers Forum is an online forum community of sailors from around the world! Cruiser Log is a sailing forum where experienced sailors from from around the world meet to discuss the many aspects of their journies. Camp cruisers either camp ashore ("camp cruising" or "beach cruising"), or aboard the boat at anchor. They are marketing a particularly competitively priced Kraken is a new brand designed in New Zealand and built in China, founded by two experienced British businessmen and sailors in Hong Kong. While we do lose the classic threading you'll now have modern, functional software featuring mobile compatability, excellent photo handling, private messaging, support, amd much more. Our goal is to be your primary resources to find out about boats, equipment, ports, training, sails, hardware, marinas, cruising life style, clothing, provisioning, communications, electronics, and connecting with like minded sailors. This forum is originated as the Cruising World Bulletin Board and has been in continuous use since the mid-1990's. Cruisers' Reference An on-line resource for cruising sailoirs to share information and advice about technical marine subjects. ), including the conventions for naming ships of the type, with further links to lists of individual ships by type and class, leading to individual pages for each ship which include description, history, and photo (where available). Welcome to Cruise Chat Online, the place where cruisers come to chat! Whether you are a first-time cruiser or an avid cruiser, there is always something on Cruise Chat Online that will interest you. Availability of funds for retirement or inactivation of Ticonderoga class cruisers or dock landing ships. The Catalogue of Pocket Cruisers, Trailer Sailers and Yacht Designs is now on CD with at least 1 full page given to each design. Many cleaning products are harmful to aquatic life, water quality and the overall ecosystem. sailors cruisers forum